nepes hayyim Corporation Policy

Social Responsibility

As a global supplier to customers worldwide, nepes hayyim operates across a diverse range of cultures and international markets.

We are committed to providing our customers with inventive, high quality solutions that are environmentally sound, conducting our operations in an environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible manner and complying with all applicable laws and regulations of those countries worldwide where we do business.

This commitment is deeply ingrained in our Vision & Mission, certain policies, and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Environment, Health, and Safety

We provide a safe and healthy environment to protect the well being of our employees, suppliers, visitors, and local community.

We comply with all applicable national, and international, compliance obligations.

We are committed to prevent and control air, land, and groundwater emissions to protect the environment through sustainability programs and continuous improvement of our EH&S management system. Our policy is communicated and made available to interested parties.

Conflict-Free Mineral

nepes hayyim Corporation is committed to disclose the origin of the minerals we use for our products.  We to ensure that the materials Tin and Tungsten (Gold and Tantalum if there will be planned in the future) are responsibly being sourced by our suppliers from smelters or refineries that have been audited and certified by an independent 3rd party audit organization. We require our suppliers to perform due diligence in making sure that they are sourcing conflict-free minerals from the DRC region, its neighboring countries as defined in Dodd-Frank Act as “Covered Countries” (South Sudan, Zambia, Angola, the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda), and minerals that are originating from any conflict zone or high-risk areas (high-risk countries  that have weak or non-existent governance structures, or have violations of international law including human rights abuses).  

Our goal and objective are making sure that our supply chain does not support these conflict minerals that are being capitalized by armed groups in DRC and its neighboring countries, and high-risk areas.

Conflict Mineral Declaration Requirements

nepes hayyim Corporation communicates our conflict mineral policies and requirements to our suppliers through written communications. We send the CMRT latest version to our suppliers (2x a year) to make sure that we are diligently examining their compliance to our goals and objectives.


nepes hayyim is committed to deliver an exceptional customer experience by creating advanced packaging solutions, compliance to customer and regulatory requirements, and continuously improving our processes.

We excel in computer integrated manufacturing, equipment automation, maximizing processes in wafer or panel format, and advanced high reliability technology to create zero defect quality.

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